Can I purchase a one month Aquatic Center membership?

Yes.  We offer one month individual and Family memberships.  Click on the Membership page for current pricing. New this year you are able to pay monthly on an EFT from your checking account or credit card.


Can non-members take swim lessons?
Yes. We offer swim lessons to both members and non members.

Do you do makeups for swim lessons?

No.  Unfortunately, we cannot do make ups for missed swim lessons.  Due to the large number of swim lesson participants, it is impossible to give everyone makeups and maintain our class ratios. Makeups are only done if we cancel the lesson due to inclement weather.

Do you use flotation for swim lessons?  
Yes, we believe in using swimmies and/or bubbles to build comfort and confidence.  Our goal is to gradually wean off of flotation.

My child can swim a short distance without a bubble…does he/she still have to wear a bubble?

Yes. Our goal is to teach children to swim a long distance with proper technique.  We find that when taking the bubble off too soon, children can swim a short distance but tend to form bad habits.  By leaving the bubble on a bit longer, we can build a strong foundation so they are much more likely to succeed.

Do you have swim lessons for Adults?

Yes.  We generally set up private lessons for Adults.  We do also offer clinics once a month for beginner and Anxious Swimmers.  Contact Stacy Roberts sroberts@cedardale-health.net for registration information and next available clinic dates.

Are lifejackets allowed in your pool?
No. We do not allow Lifejackets or front bubbles.  We only allow arm bands and back bubbles.

Do you have group rates?
Yes.  Groups of 10 or more can be booked for 1 ˝ hour time slots.  The price is $10 per person.

Can we swim at the Cedarland Aquatic Center if we are not a member?

Yes.  On Friday’s we allow nonmembers to come in and pay a guest fee.  The price is $10 per person.