Currently Not available - Available April - October

Begin your party with an exhilarating 30 min climb on our SkyWalk Ropes Course. After your climb, enjoy 45 min in our clubhouse for your birthday celebration. We provide a personal pizza, drink, and ice cream cup. Finish your celebration with 1 round of mini-golf on either Cedarland's Fantasy or New England course, and 1 batting token per child.

  • $275 up to 10 children
  • Additional children $20.95 each
Party Notes:
  • Admission to SkyWalk Ropes Course
  • 1 round of miniature golf per child on New England or Fantasy Land course
  • 1 batting token per child (must be 6 years or older to use batting cages)
  • 45 minutes in shared party room
  • 1 personal pizza per child
  • 1 ice cream cup per child
  • 1 pitcher of drink per five children
  • Paper products include plates, cups, forks, and napkins
  • Party helper to set up, service and clean up party
Party Extras:
  • Extra pitcher of drink - $4.25
  • Extra personal pizza - $2.25 per personal pizza
Party Notes:
  • Party Deposit - $50 non refundable deposit is required to book a party
  • Sneakers are required for the SkyWalk Ropes Course
  • Must be 6 years or older to use Batting Cages
  • Golf and Batting Parties are held at the Cedarland Fun Center and do not include a private room
  • Golf and Batting Parties do not include arcade tokens.
  • No outside food or beverages, with the exception of Birthday Cake is allowed
  • You may bring in your own party paper products and or balloons (we do not have helium)
  • Siblings are required to pay an entrance fee if they are playing
  • A waiver is required for anyone using the batting cages, Skywalk, or Rock Wall. You can fill out our online waiver HERE.
  • Please arrive on time as late parties may not be able to be accommodated