Looking for paper waivers? You won’t find them hear! Cedardale believes in health for everyBODY. We also believe we should help keep our planet healthy too! That is why we are excited to offer a paperless waiver!

A once per year e-waiver is required for using the Batting Cages, SkyWalk, or RockWall. Fill out the waiver before you come to save time! 

How it works: Fill out our online waiver below, and thats it! You only have to fill out the e-waiver once per year. When you come to Cedarland to use the Batting Cages, SkyWalk, or RockWall, we can look you up by your last name or birthday! Its that simple! 

Sign our e-waiver for the Batting Cages, Skywalk, or Rockwall HERE