Summer Camp Pick Up & Drop Off | Covid-19

Transportation will be provided by the parents. 

2022 Drop off and Pick up Procedures will be determined by the state of COVID we will announce the plan as we get closer to the start of Camp.

Below is the system we have used the past 2 summers. 

Drop Off: 

The parking lot traffic will be one way during the drop off and pick up times. Please enter through the CedarDALE parking lot. Go towards the back of the lot. There is a metal gate that you will drive through to enter, single file into the CedarLAND back parking lot. Please stop at the bucket barrier until we begin. Please have your child's first and last name visible on the drivers side window of your car. After dropping your child off you will leave through the CedarLAND entrance. Only the child should get out of the car, and it is encouraged that both the Child and Parent have masks on. In order to keep the line moving, your child should be ready to get out of the car quickly with all of their belongings. Do not get into the drop off line until you are ready. 

Pick Up: 

Repeat the same procedure you used at drop off. Make sure your child's name is visible on the drivers side of the car. Our dismissal staff will notify the groups that you have arrived, and we will bring your child to your car. Once again, please do not get out of your car. 


Please be patient as this may be new for some families, and SAFETY is our first concern. You must be in the car line for us to dismiss your child. Please do not park and walk over to the program. If we need to change the procedure, we will communicate via email. We have added a diagram at the end of this email to help illustrate the process. Please do not block the Cedardale entrance, and please drive very slowly in the parking lots. 

Late Arrivals & Early Dismissals: 

Late arrivals and early dismissals must be planned in advance. In the event your child needs to arrive late or leave early please email [email protected]. MA guidelines prohibit Parents from entering the building, therefore we will bring your child out to you. Please keep in mind the end of the day is very busy and early dismissals must be before 3:00pm. Late arrivals will be very difficult to handle without advance notice. Please plan to be on time.