Summer Camp Information | COVID-19

UPDATED: 3-22-21 

Last Summer was a remarkable experience for us all! I was impressed with how adaptable we all became. Although I felt confident I could put together a safe program abiding by all the COVID regulations I wasn't sure of the response I would get from you, the Families, the Campers and from my Camp counselors. I am so proud to say that everyone was phenomenal! The kindness and appreciation for what we were providing fueled us to keep striving to provide some sort of normalcy and novelty for everyone. As we get ready for round two of Summer Camp during a pandemic, rest assure that you have chosen the best Camp for your child. Some of our activities, procedures and traditions have had to be tweaked, but Camp teaches us all to be creative, curious, kind, confident and social, the very things that kids have been missing. 

We will continue to follow the CDC and MA state Camp guidelines. Camp may look and feel different again this year, but after our success last summer, we feel confident that we can provide an active, fun Camp experience for your child. It is our hope that as we move through summer some restrictions may be eased.

Below is a list of changes we have had to make to meet guidelines as well as offer the best Camp experience possible. Please read them over carefully so you know what to expect. 

  1. Drop off and pick up will be a looped drive through again this summer, please click HERE for the most up to date information.

  2. The guidelines state that the same Counselors must remain with the same Campers and may not combine with any other group. Because of this guideline we will not be offering extended hours. The Camp day will run from 9 am - 3:30 pm. Drop off will start at 8:45 am, and pick up will end by 3:45 pm. 

  3. Camp groups will remain small. If siblings are within one grade of another and want to be together please let us know and we will arrange that. Otherwise, groups will be assigned by age/grade. The same Campers and Counselors must remain together each day. Groups cannot mix. 

  4. Guidelines require cloth face coverings/masks be worn by Counselors and Campers at all times. Masks will not be required while eating, swimming. Social distancing will be implemented whenever possible. Frequent hand washing/sanitizing will take place. Mask breaks will be offered throughout the day.

  5. We feel that Campers who are under 5 years old will struggle understanding and following social distancing guidelines. Best practices will not allow us to be as nurturing as we feel the younger Campers need in order to be successful. Due to this safety concern, we have made the difficult decision to limit registration to Campers entering kindergarten (must be able to dress independently) through age twelve.

  6. It greatly saddens us that we cannot offer Jr. Outing Camp again this summer, as most field trips are not allowed.

  7. The SkyWalk Ropes Course at Cedarland Fun Center involves sharing harnesses and poses too high of a risk. Therefore, it will not be part of our Camp programming this summer. We will still be able to have fun on the MiniGolf Courses, and in the Batting Cages.

  8. Any Camper with a high risk medical condition or living with someone in that category should carefully consider if this Camp environment, even with our "best practices " in place, will be a safe choice for this year. 

This summer it will be more important than ever for us to communicate with parents. Please make sure to keep an eye out for emails from us. Although we will be forced to change some of our Camp traditions, we are ready to make some new ones. Camp is a perfect environment to get innovative and find new ways of doing things. Having smaller groups will allow us all to get to know each other better. We can't wait to start the fun and hope your Camper is ready to join us for a terrific summer adventure!

Beth Bailey 
Summer Camp Director