Currently Not available - Available October - April / Days and times are limited

This party starts out with 60 min of swim at the Cedarland Aquatic Center indoor pool, followed by 45 min in the party room. Each guest will enjoy a personal pizza, drink and ice cream cup.

  • $195 for up to 10 children
  • Additional children $15.95 each
Party Includes:
  • 60 minutes of swimming at the Cedarland Aquatic Center Indoor Pool
  • 45 minutes in the Aquatic Center party room
  • 1 personal pizza per child
  • 1 ice cream cup per child
  • 1 pitcher of drink per five children
  • Paper products include plates, cups, forks, and napkins
  • Party helper to set up, service and clean up party
Party Extras:
  • Extra pitcher of drink - $4.25
  • Extra personal pizza - $2.25 per personal pizza
Party Notes:
  • Party Deposit - $50 non refundable deposit is required to book a party
  • Swim times include changing times - please plan accordingly & arrive 15 minutes early
  • The pool restricts the use of masks, snorkels and flotation devices with the exception of swimmies or back bubbles
  • We do not supply towels for swim parties
  • No outside food or beverages, with the exception of birthday cake is allowed
  • You may bring in your own party paper products and or balloons (we do not have helium)
  • Siblings are required to pay an entrance fee if they are swimming
  • Please arrive on time as late parties may not be able to be accommodated