As we begin another summer at our Cedarland facility, we are continuing to work to improve our Counselor-in-Training (C.I.T.) program. C.I.T.’s will have the opportunity to assist with the campers as well as participate in some of the instructional activities. In order to have a very positive experience for the campers and the C.I.T.’s there is a FOUR WEEK commitment to the C.I.T. program. New C.I.T.’s will have a tuition fee which is half the price of the four week full day camper. Returning C.I.T.s would not pay any tuition but must be invited back by the Camp Director.

C.I.T. Application

Completed applications can be turned in to the Camp director Beth Bailey

Once the applicants have been approved they will receive a confirmation email, along with the required health form, and invoice.