Junior Swim Lessons/ Teams

Our philosophy is to provide a safe and enjoyable water experience for all children. The best way for children to become water safe is through an ongoing instructional program. Our program is developed from a combination of the American Red Cross, the United States Swim School Association and USA Swimming Developmental Model to best prepare swimmers to be water safe and for long-term involvement and love of the sport of swimming.

Most swimmers will repeat the same course to master the necessary skills to progress to the next level.  There is no set amount of time allotted to master specific skills. As parents, please be patient and remember that confidence, comfort, and competency take time and repetition.  Not mastering skills at a young age can lead to delays in progression as swimmers get older.  We reserve the right to move swimmers to appropriate levels to ensure that the class is productive for all participants.

  • Below are the Session Dates and Pricing for all Summer 2022 lesson programs. 
  • Lessons are held at Cedardale Health + Fitness - NOT Cedarland Aquatic Center.
  • Cedardale Health + Fitness is located just up the street from the Aquatic Center at 931 Boston Road, Haverhill.

2022 Summer Swim Session Dates:

3-Day a Week Lessons or 2-Evenings a Week Lessons
Session #1 June 20th - June 30th - Registration Closed | Session Full
Session #2 July 5th - July 14th (No Classes Monday, July 4th - Fee will be pro-rated)
Session #3 July 18th - July 28th
Session #4 August 1st - August 11th
Session #5 August 15th - August 25th

Meeting Days for 3-Day or 2-Evenings a Week Lessons: 

  • 3-Day a Week Lessons meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday during the daytime for 2 weeks 
  • 2-Day a Week Lessons meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 2 weeks

1-Day a Week Lessons

Session #1A June 18th - July 18th (No Class Monday, July 4th - fee will be prorated) - Closed | Session Full
Session #2A July 23rd - August 22nd (No Class Saturday, August 13th)

Meeting Days for 1-Day a Week Lessons:

  • Monday Evenings
  • Saturday Mornings


30 Minute Classes: 

3-Day a Week Lessons  $150 per session (prorated sessions | $125)
2-Day a Week Lessons $100 per session
1-Day a Week Lessons $125 per session (prorated sessions | $100)

45 Minute Classes:

3-Day a Week Lessons $180 per session (prorated sessions | $150)
2-Day a Week Lessons $120 per session
1-Day a Week Lessons $150 per session (prorated sessions | $120)


Registration is now open for all remaining sessions.
Registration is closed for Sessions 1 + 1A


Lesson Descriptions + Class Offerings
Click the appropriate age group below for class descriptions and times offered.


AGES 3 - 5 YRS

AGES 6 - 8 YRS

AGES 9 - 14 YRS

PLEASE NOTE: All summer lessons are held at the Cedardale Health + Fitness at 931 Boston Road, Haverhill just up the street from the Cedarland Aquatic Center.

Classes fill fast. If registration is still open we do encourage you to complete a registration form regardless. This will add you to a waitlist. We work very hard to add classes when we have enough on the waitlist.