Health Forms

All health paperwork should be returned as soon as possible, and must be on file before your child’s first day of Camp. Any changes to these forms must be submitted in writing to Joe Morin, Camp administrator/health care supervisor at [email protected].

Health Form (Required for all)

  • Camp Health Form Part 1 (Family)- This is information that is consistent for the whole family such as emergency contacts.
  • Camp Health Form Part 2 (Child) - This is medical history information that is specific to the Camper, and is filled out per child.

Both forms are filled out online at the time of registration. 

Physical/Immunization and Insurance (Required for all)

  • The MA Board of Health requires that we attain a copy of your Child’s most current (within 18 months) Physician's Certificate of Health and Immunization record. 
  • A copy of the child’s insurance card

A scanned copy of your child’s physical and insurance card can be uploaded to your parent dashboard. 

For additional medical or behavioral concerns please contact the Camp Director Beth Bailey at 978-521-7700, or at [email protected]

For help with the parent dashboard or with medication, please contact Joe Morin, Camp administrator/health care supervisor at [email protected].

Medication At Camp

Any Campers who will need to take medication during the Camp day will need to complete the following:

  • A Medication Authorization form (If you indicated your child will need to take medication during the Camp day, you will have already filled this out.) 
  • In addition to that form, the Massachusetts Board of Health requires a medication order or allergy/asthma action plan (with the doctor's signature) directly from your child’s doctor. This document must be uploaded to your parent dashboard HERE under the ‘Forms’ section. 
  • The Massachusetts Board of Health also states, “Medications prescribed for Campers and brought from home shall only be administered if it is in the original container with the pharmacy label.
  • Medication should be delivered to the Camp desk prior to your child’s first day, and MUST  be picked up on their last day. Massachusetts guidelines also state that, “all medicine administered at Camp by our health professional must be approved in writing by our health care consultant,” (Dr. Janet Espinosa).

For any help with existing or new medication or medical paperwork, please contact Joe Morin at [email protected].

Required Information from Board of Health:

Emergency Procedures

Mildly Ill Campers

Meningococcal Disease


Need a paper copy of the Health Form? Click one of the links below:
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