Parent 'n Tot (8 mths - 2 yrs)

30 Minute Class
Class provides information and techniques for parents to orient their children to the water and learn how to safely supervise all water activities. Children must be accompanied in the water by a parent or an adult. Children must wear a swim diaper.

Advanced Tot with Parent (2-3 yrs)

30 Minute Class
This is an introduction to supportive water aids- bubbles, swimmies, and kick boards, as well as basic swim skills. Children must be accompanied in the water by a parent or an adult.

Advanced Tot (2-3 yrs)

30 Minute Class
This water orientation class is for a first time lesson experience without Mom or Dad. Children must be able to independently float with armbands and/or bubble. This is an introduction to supportive water aids: bubbles, swimmies, and kick boards, while working directly with an instructor in a group situation. Parents may want to secretly wear their suit in case a child does not go with instructor.

Preschool (3 - 6 yrs)

30 Minute Class
For children who enjoy the water and can perform a simple "dog paddle." More advanced levels of this class will begin to swim without a bubble, and start rotary breathing, backstroke, and butterfly.


Anxious Swimmer (7 Yrs & Older)

45 Minute Class
This class is designed especially for those juniors who need special attention to get comfortable in the water. Our Aquatic instructor will work with each child in a compassionate and understanding way to help overcome anxiety. Child must be at least 7 years old for this class and be able to go in the water with a flotation device independently.


Intro to Red Cross (Ages 6 – 7 yrs)

30 Minute Class
The class is specifically designed for 6 – 7 year old swimmers. Beginner levels include flotation while more advanced levels will be working on skills needed for the Red Cross class such as Freestyle and Backstroke and introducing Butterfly.


Red Cross (8 yrs & Older)

45 Minute Class

Basic to Advanced stroke fundamentals are taught in these classes. Children are tested in the initial 5 - 7 minutes of the first class to be grouped in the appropriate skill level. We do not accept 7 year olds in this class.

Advanced Red Cross (Ages 8 & Older)

45 Minute Class
This class is for those kids who have taken multiple sessions of the Red Cross classes. At this advanced level, children will work on refining Breaststroke and Butterfly and gaining endurance in all four competitive strokes. Children should not sign up for this class unless they have already been introduced to all four strokes for multiple sessions of Red Cross.


Swim Team Prep ( Ages 9 & Older)

45 Minute Class
This class is for children who have taken multiple sessions/years of Red Cross/Advanced Red Cross classes.  At this level children will get ready for swim team by learning stroke drills to refine the 4 competitive swim strokes, as well as turns and using a pace clock.  Must be able to swim 100 yards Freestyle and Backstroke (4 lengths of each stroke without stopping), 50 yards breaskstroke / 25 years Butterfly.

Swim Team 8 - 14

45 Minute Practice 

This swim club is for children who can swim a minimum of 100 yards (4 length) of both the crawlstroke and the backstroke and 25 yards (1 length) of both the breaststroke and the butterfly. Swimmers will concentrate on improving the four competitive strokes, turns, and endurance. Ratio is 1 coach to 15 swimmers.


Swim Team 12 & Older

45 minutes PracticeFor the swimmer that knows all four competitive strokes. Swimmer will work on some stroke drills but more focus will be given to competitive workouts. Ratio is 1 coach to 15 swim


Swim Stroke Clinic (Ages 8+)

Wednesdays, 4:00 - 4:45 pm This clinic is offered to juniors looking for specialized instruction in the four competitive strokes. We will use a combination of drills and specific sets to develop and improve all four strokes. Participant must know freestyle and backstroke.


Sensory Swimmer - Ages 5 yrs+

Designed to teach swim skills to children with varying physical abilities and sensory needs.  A group lesson that enhances organizational skills, balance, core muscle strength and flexibility.  Parent or guardian must accompany child in water. Please contact Margie Galanos at [email protected] or call (978) 373-1596 with questions.

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