Lap Lane Etiquette


Please follow the guidelines below for your safety and the respect of your fellow  members. Your cooperation is much appreciated. 

1. Always fill empty lanes first.  

2. When it is necessary to join a lane with another swimmer, please attempt to share a lane with a  swimmer of similar ability/ speed.  

3. Please ask or make eye contact when joining another swimmer before entering. This will signal  the need to split the lane. 

2 swimmers per lane- Split the lane. You will remain on one side of the lane (see the  diagram)- right or left. Do not cross the center line.  

3 or more swimmers per lane- Circle Swimming. Please remain on the right side of the lane (see the diagram) staying close to the lane line to allow others in the lane to pass. 

4. Resting- please rest only at the walls and stay in the corner of the lane. Do not block space on  the wall for others in the lane to turn.  

5. If you would rather swim on your own, please plan on swimming at off-peak  hours.